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Babycastles presents DADAMACHINIMA

Babycastles presents DADAMACHINIMA
Curated by Walter Langelaar of WORM (Rotterdam)
Opening 7pm on Friday, February 4th. On view until Sunday, March 7th 2011.

WORKS: FPS [first peron shooter] by Aram Bartholl | Mary Mack 5000C by Kaho Abe & Lina Fenequito |Composite Club by JODI | Levelhead by Julian Oliver | Video Terraform Dance Party by Jeremy Bailey 

Opening Night Performances: Lovid, Radio Shock, Casperelectronics, DUBKNOWDUB, Dan Friel LoVid will also debut a performance of ‘Catchy’
DADAMACHINIMA explores tactics of emergent gameplay, disrupted modes of interactivity, and brute-force hacks of contemporary (video)game interfaces and environments. This exhibition focuses on artists that have subverted the way we interface with videogames. From bleeding-edge AR combined with papercraft and FPS memes, or early Italian cinema done over by messed up Eyetoy cams, artists explore alternate forms of gaming.

Written by Aram

February 2nd, 2011 at 8:32 pm

This is my blog. Since 2007 I post about recent projects or small things I make which are just published here. Also you will find news about upcoming activities, like: shows, talks, workshops, press, etc... some years back I used to blog about all kinds of stuff. Press, pic-of-the-day or other-artists-projects are fun categories to click through.

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