Boris is a good old friend from Bremen who studied composition in the Netherlands. Serge and Boris were running a nice guitar/computer-duo for serveral years. Lately they began to work with sound installtaions/performances involving all kinds of materials. Upcoming “concert” sounds very interesting.
See you on thursday!

Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun

jet lag

for toy steam boilers, film reel boxes and plastic tubes [2007]

the development of jet lag has been inspired by an early 20th century sewage works facility driven by a large steam engine. this facility is situated in prague and has been turned into a museum (ekotechnick├ę museum) after the abadonment of service.

the jet lag objects are constructed of the following elements: film reel boxes as the main containers. boilers extracted from toy steam boats. plastic tubes extend the boilers outlets to provoke a higher resistance and slightly destabilise the functioning of the engine. tealight bins are serving as containers for liquid fuel which powers the boilers. > jetlag (mp3)

jet lag
for steam boilers, plastic tubes and film reel boxes
thu 24.04.2008
3 sets: 20h / 21h / 22h (on time)

lychener stra├če 60
10437 berlin