Eyebeam and the Graffiti Research Lab invited me to be part of the exhibition OPEN CITY which took place at Eyebeam in NYC from end of Feburary till mid of April 2007. The subtitle ‘tools for public action’ describes very well the graffiti background of the show which opened up to a broader field of actions in public space. All artists and artist groups did show different kinds documentations and tools of their work. Among some project documentations I had two workshop tables: one where visitors could build their own pair of “First Person Shooter” glasses and a second which served for a “WoW” workshop.
Check out my pictures and all open city tagged pictures of the exhibition on flickr.
Find some more documentation of the exhibition at GRL
Thanks to Evan who edited and posted the “WoW” movie documentation of him and me getting a coffee at Frank’s on 9th avenue.
Thanks to the whole Eyebeam team and to GRL:Evan and James for having me at this great show.