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Greenscreen Arnsberg



Greenscreen Arnsberg
performance in public,
Aram Bartholl

Greenscreen Arnsberg is a performance in public space which took place during the show “Remind me later” at Kunstverein Arnsberg in July 2016. The idea is to ‘catch’ random pedestrian in public with a portable green-screen. The by-passers become unwittingly actors  of an imaginary movie set. The green-screen background represents unlimited layers of augmentation in a post social everyday life.





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October 2nd, 2016 at 4:33 pm

Post-Snowden nails on Creators


…. continue reading at ->

The USB Manicure Puts Data at Your Fingertips – Andrew Salomone — Oct 1 2016  –>


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October 1st, 2016 at 1:38 pm

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Post Snowden Nails

Post Snowden Nails is a new project I did at Nadjas Nail Art Residency. Check out how to glue micro-SD cards onto your nails. Nadja Buttendorf is awaiting your proposal for “nail art” ideas, ALL PICTURES & more info at her residency-page.


Five micro SD cards glued to finger nails, total capacity 128 GB, curated digital content Aram Bartholl, 2016

Post-Snowden Nails is a set of five micro SDcards glued to the finger nails of one hand. Each card contains a different set of data which can be accessed with the help of a SD-card-USB adapter. The data finger nail plugs directly into a computer USB port (or phone), in some cases an extension cable might be useful.

  • Thumb: Live Linux OS. A full operating system on a thumb nail. This is a real thumb drive! 2 GB.
  • Index: 6000 books of Henry Warwicks offline Library “Alexandria Project”, also see “The radical Tactics of the Offline Library”, 32 GB.
  • Middle: A collection of more than 66.000 computer viruses from the virus archive collective VX Heaven, 7 GB.
  • Ring: The full data base of All Dead Drops which have been made since 2010 and the content of the the five original Dead Drops which were exhibited at the MoMA in 2011, 6.5 GB.
  • Pinky: The full english Wikipedia including the offline reader Kiwix to browse some of the 5 million articles offline. 62 GB.








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September 16th, 2016 at 5:20 pm

WTF 3D!!


Going shopping today reminded me of the tumblr WTF 3D!!  about senseless 3D marketing speak I m doing since a while. Some new additions came in today, check it out!

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September 16th, 2016 at 4:58 pm

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Interview – Dead Drops on Huffpo

The internet revolutionized information sharing, allowing people all over the world to post content and distribute it among networks. But as the internet has grown, surveillance on the web has exploded as well. So one artist is encouraging people to forget the cloud and share information in a totally anonymous way.

In 2010, Berlin-based media artist Aram Bartholl started “Dead Drops,” his participatory file-sharing art project, by cementing a USB drive into a brick wall in New York City.

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September 1st, 2016 at 9:56 pm

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Speculative Privacy: Practical and impractical things you can do to your phone

“Speculative Privacy: Practical and impractical things you can do to your phone” is a lecture-workshop-performance format I presented at the Datapolitics conference track during the annual International Summer festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg on August 20th.

First the audience got stickers on their smart phone cameras at the entrance (in true Berghain manner) and then was instructed to do a few tests and look up settings on their devices during the talk. In the second half of the presentation everyone was invited to the stage to test different tools and materials on their phones while we kept discussing todays privacy questions. Some of the ‘mini workshops’ are useful others don’t really make sense but offer a strong therapeutic moment to ‘grill’ your mobile phone in a non destructive way.  You always wanted to flush your phone in the toilet or bury it in cement? This is your chance! Have it vacuumed in a plastic bag and dip it in paint or through it in other actions!

All slides of the talk and related links here! :

Aram Bartholl, 2016










…more pictures on flickr!!

How to cement in your phone in a non-destructive way!

Aram Bartholl: Speculative Privacy
Aram Bartholl ist Konzept- und Medienkünstler. Im Mittelpunkt seines Interesses steht die kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der zunehmenden Digitalisierung unseres Alltags. In seinen oft humorvollen Arbeiten überführt er Items aus der Netzwelt ins Analoge, um bspw. die Allgegenwärtigkeit von Internetunternehmen wie Google sichtbar zu machen. In seinem performativen Workshop TRANSPARENCY zeigt er welche digitalen Spuren bei der Benutzung von Smartphones entstehen und welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, diese zu verwischen.

Thanks to the Kampnagel team for making all this possible!
20. August 2016, 18:00 – 19:30 (Halle P1)
Kampnagel, Hamburg

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August 24th, 2016 at 11:51 am

‘DeafenYourPhone’ – How to make sure your phone is not listening on you

The ‘DeafenYourPhone’ tube is a mobile, low-cost, DIY sound dampening solition to prevent supposedly hacked phones from eavesdropping on its owner.

The Matryoshka tube in a tube concept works well to isolate a phone sound proof from its environment.

To avoid impact sound transmission the tubes are isolated with foam. Add another tube if you want to increase the sound proofing quality.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 30 cm ; weight: 1 kg ; material cost: 24,- €

The problem

Once targeted a standard mobile phone can be hacked by an attacker and easily be modified to record sound at any time. This might sound like a farfetched spy story to you but in the year 3 after Snowden politicians, lawyers, NGOs or journalists have to deal very much with these kind of questions. Recently Edward Snowden & Bennie Huan presented the project “Introspection Engine”, a hardware modification for iPhones that monitors and signals radio traffic on a hardware level to make sure the phone is ‘really off’. Different voices in the hacker community pointed out that this device cannot prevent phones from listen to a conversation and to relay the data ‘later’ to the ‘attacker’. It is generally advised for i.e. journalists who are meeting a ‘source’ to leave their phones ‘at home’ or in a sound dampening closet like a fridge nearby. However, depending on the local situation this is not necessarily a practical solution. You might need the phone to plan the meeting and maybe the place where you meet has no fridge or similar appliances accessible.

How does it work?

Like a russian Matryoshka doll the phone is locked into a foam isolated plastic tube with screw cover, which again is placed in an isolated plastic tube. After a series of tests with different containers it showed that a round tube of hard plastic provides good properties to block sound. It is very important to disrupt direct contact of the phone case and plastic tubes to avoid impact sound transmission. The double layer tube in a tube approach can be improved with a 3rd or more layers of plastic tubes. Surprisingly it is quite difficult to prevent a phone microphone from ‘hearing’ something. Try it yourself! I did tests with pouches, boxes, kitchen containers, glass containers, pelican cases and so on. Often there the recorded sound is already very low but always good enough to listen to a conversation once you pull up the volume in post-production audio software. Heavy high density material would work best to block sound waves but to walk around with a concrete block seems not very practical. However if you find out other better solutions please share your ideas!


  1. Get different size plastic drain tubes and covers with rubber seals from your local DIY store. Screw covers are advised but sometimes harder to get. In german the grey tubes are called ‘HT-Rohr
  2. Buy some foam. I used just 10 mm standard foam but there is also special foam for sound canceling available i.e. in the auto mobile market available. Total cost of tubes and foam ca 24,- €
  3. Place the phone in the isolated tube and close the cover tight. Make sure the phone cover is not touching the tube directly. Place the small tube in the big tube and also close this one tight.
    ( The small tube I got only has diameter of only 7,5 cm. Small size smart phones still fit in here. Any new iPhone or Samsung will need a bigger tube. )


Make sure to test your setup! Put your phone to record audio and lock it in the tubes. Try different sound sources in a variety of distances to the DeafenYourPhone tube and check the results in audio software on your computer. In a normal medium sound environment, with a distance of 1-2 meters and normal voice speaking level I wasn’t able to extract any usable audio from the recordings. Only rely on this proposal for a sound proofing capsule if you have tested and proofed its function properly. Tips and recommendations from audio/eavesdropping experts are welcome! ;)


I presented this sound proof tube concept along with the pouches workshop end of 2013 at the #30C3 conference, the annual congress of the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) but haven’t documented it properly since then. This blog post is dedicated to Linus Neumann and Tim Pritlove from Logbuch ;))

Audio test!!

This is an audio test with the above shown setup. “Logbuch Netzpolitik” #190 is running at a decent volume (normal voice level). The tubes are closed and then placed ca. 1m away from the speaker. If you are able to extract the conversation of Tim and Linus while the phone (iPhone 5) is in the tube please let me know!

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August 23rd, 2016 at 3:34 pm



intervention & object
rubber, metal, 40x5x2cm, video 1:49 min

AV /DV is a customized 40 cm pressure hose – AV  Auto valve / DV Dunlop valve adapter – to balance pressure between a car and bicycle tire. First tested and shown at Remind me later solo show at Kunstverein Arnsberg.






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July 22nd, 2016 at 11:33 am

#remindmelater DOCUMENTATION

Aram Bartholl, ‘Aluthut Workshop (tinfoil hat workshop)’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Remind me later’ 2016. Exhibition view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Remind me later’ 2016. Exhibition view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Remind me later’ 2016. Exhibition view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ’5 min, 1h, tonight, tomorrow…(Remind me later)’ 2016. Display view.  Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Aluthut Workshop (tinfoil hat workshop)’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Aluthut Workshop (tinfoil hat workshop)’ & Shooting Your Film With Quality’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Shooting Your Film With Quality’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘AV/DV’ 2016. Performance in public, video still. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl,  ‘AV/DV’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘AV/DV’ 2016. Performance in public. Vdeo 1:49. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘The Internet’ 2015 & ‘Shake it!’ 2015. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein

Aram Bartholl, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein

Aram Bartholl, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ 2016. Display view. Courtesy Kunstverein


Aram Bartholl, ‘Greenscreen Arnsberg’ 2016. Performance in public, video still.  Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Greenscreen Arnsberg’ 2016. Performance in public, video still.  Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Greenscreen Arnsberg’ 2016. Performance in public. Video 3:47. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Phone Zone’ 2016. Display view, installation in public. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Phone Zone’ 2016. Display view, installation in public. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Touch screen to begin’ 2016. Display view, installation in public. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Aram Bartholl, ‘Touch screen to begin’ 2016. Display view, installation in public. Courtesy Kunstverein Arnsberg

Thanks to the whole team of the Kunstverein Arnsberg!! It was a crazy good week putting this together with a lot of help of many people, thank you everyone! THX to Vlado Velkov making all this possible! :))



Remind Me Later
8.07. – 28.09.2016

Kunstverein Arnsberg e.V.
Königstraße 24
59821 Arnsberg

Perhaps you are reading this text on your mobile device?.

Do you have your phone under control or does it have a grip on you in its grip?

The consequences of technological developments on our social lives and relationships is a central theme in the work of Aram Bartholl.

In the current exhibition, Bartholl looks into the digital everyday live. ‘Remind me later’ is a very well known term for us instantly recognisable to us as users. As a form of reflex and self-defence against the constant stream of new automatic updates, we immediately the click tap othe ‘Remind me later’ button has become a habitual immediate reaction.

Digitalisation can undoubtedly connect us, but can also produce alienation. Meet with friends? Spend time outdoors in nature? Remind me later. Often, the mobile phone is more captivating of attention than the person sitting opposite. The limitless possibilities of communication have more to offer than real life? Really?

Aram Bartholl investigates the social side effects of digitalisation, and examines their influence on our analogue lives. In doing so, his work often incorporates outdoor space and blends perceptions of the real and the virtual. His work in Arnsberg continues in this vein, with humour and great sensitivity.

Aram Bartholl was born in Bremen in 1972 and lives in Berlin. He is guest professor at the Kunstakademie in Kassel and at UCLA in Los Angeles.


All pictures ->



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July 14th, 2016 at 5:12 pm

Remind me later



Remind Me Later
8.07. – 28.09.2016

Eröffnung der Ausstellung und Sommerfest im Garten des Kunstvereins
am Freitag, 8.07.2016, 19 Uhr

Kunstverein Arnsberg e.V.
Königstraße 24
59821 Arnsberg

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June 18th, 2016 at 7:45 pm

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