Without you my life was useless.
You are so universal.
You store my life at heart.
You keep my secrets safe from the chatty networks.
Your beauty grows by the amount of data you can take.
8gig, I just love you. 512 old man, your case is big, you have seen many machines. You are serving me for a long time already.
You gave me the power to defeat the curse of the small-minded silver disk.
I take you everywhere I go.
You are my personal R2D2 compatible to any system, robust to all physical harm.
Your single beautiful pulsing light adulates my eyes like gold.
Your high speed data rate feels like cocaine.
Plugging you in is always a bet like a 50/50 Russian Roulette.
Your ISO gives me a cold shiver running down my spine.
Without you in my pocket I feel naked and useless.
You, my physical presence of the essence of life, no one can seperate us.
In love, your best Friend.