I want support hotlines to pick up my help request/complaints on my microblogging feed/twitter (FF3 does it).
I want to see a virtual machine running in a browser only operating system.
I want my fridge to use the winter cold instead of wasting electricity by generating cold. It ‘s cold outside from October-March anyway.
I want a fast booting energy saving light bulp with adjustable light temperature.
I want the screen temperature of my mobile phone to auto adjust to the surrounding light atmosphere.
I want a break powered dynamo for my bicycle lights.
I want TV channels to stop broadcasting after each program. The viewer should hit play to continue.
I want real buttons on full glas auto sliding doors (ICE3).
to be continued
I want to be able to link to a specific position/frame in a movie (hello! vimeo, youtube ….)
(It’s possible. Take a look at http://yovisto.de , thx @hintz)
I want to be able to rotate my web cam image 90° into portrait format for video chat. A face is a portrait and not a landscape. (Not so useful for notebook cams though.)