„Forgot your password?“ at #Datamaze DOX, Prague

8. 6. 2018 – 8. 6. 2020
DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

Exhibiting artists:
!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Aram Bartholl, Paolo Cirio, Adam Harvey

We are the internet! Our world is changing. We are witnessing a revolution that for the last thirty years has been changing how we think, communicate, work, and spend our free time. The internet has become a tool and instrument of daily life. It has created a world that we plumb and simultaneously run away from. This process is irreversible and has permanently changed how our society works. This is one of the reasons why it is important to reflect on our situation and our position within it: we aren’t only witnesses to the digital transformation, we are all a part of it, passive or active.

Welcome to the data world! The #DATAMAZE project presents an “extended exhibition”. It combines the concept of an exhibition that is a work in progress with a workspace and library intended for activities and developing collaboration across areas and topics related to a critical reflection on our existence environment, with a lecture space.