„Interventions“ at Voorkamer Lier, BE a week ago was great fun. Christian Hasucha „The Island“ was already running for 2 weeks at the Grote Markt Lier. Anybody in the city good rent the island for free and enjoy the view into the city hall and on the market place for some hours. This piece poses the questions of view and beeing viewed. On Saturday 26.05.2007 Frank Bölter with „The German Revenge“ and myself with „WoW“ has been invited to do workshops and perform in public space. The simplicity of Franks ship and bomb wich he buildt together with a group of organized homeless people was really impressive. The symbolic bomb was dropped from the island on the market place. In the evening Helmut Dick held a lecture about his work in public space. Good stuff!More pics on flickr
High res quicktime movie