The 3rd volume of the DVD Dead Drop is featuring massive 18 hours of Let’s play Max Payne. It ll launch next week Tuesday 30th. If you haven t got hold of ‚INSERT DISC‚ yet make sure to stop by at the museum on the weekend!
Let’s Play Max Payne
vol. 3 of the DVD Dead Drop
at Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, NY 11106
October 30 –December 3, 2012

Eighteen hours of ‚Let’s Play‘ Max Payne walkthrough videos on DVD

Three players—Tetraninja, AMF1534, and TehNevs—provide commentary while playing Max Payne 1, 2, and 3 from start to finish. Enjoy 4.5 GB and 60 video files of intense game-play action, hilarious comments, and compelling story-mode cut scenes.
The video game series Max Payne, which premiered in 2001, represents an important milestone in gaming history. Initially developed by the Finnish game studio Remedy, this third-person shooter won acclaim for its strong storyline and film noir scenarios coupled with its unique use of „bullet time“ slow motion effects and advanced character controls. Through a large number of cut scenes and off-screen narration, the game tells the classic story of a revenge-driven cop in an experience at the intersection of cinema and game. In the latest title Max Payne 3, developed by Rockstar Games, the broke ex-cop Max once again causes more problems than he solves. Famous for high quality storytelling and hilarious cynical humor, Rockstar delivers another groundbreaking third-person game/film hybrid.
„Let’s Play“ originated on Something Awful forums in 2006 as screen shot walkthroughs of video games before also coming to describe screen capture videos of game walkthroughs. Instead of playing a game oneself, the viewer watches someone else play, a common gesture in gaming culture. As CPUs and screen capture software became more powerful, Let’s Play developed into a widespread entertainment form. Many Let’s Play enthusiasts have attracted large numbers of subscribers on YouTube and frequently play several games for large audiences.
As Max Payne already possesses many cinematic qualities, the Let’s Play version of the game adds another layer of experience. The common third-person game perspective is heightened by a fourth person: the commenting player. Through multiple pairs of eyes, the viewer can relax and watch the action take place from a double over the shoulder view.
Aram Bartholl 2012