Greetings from the Internet

post card series
post card stand, 48 post cards, digital print 148x105mm
180×45×45 cm

Over the past years I’ve been collecting pictures of wifi passwords when ever I encountered them during travels. In many private and public places there is wireless Internet access available but to connect a password is required. “Is there Internet here?” Often wifi passwords are written or printed on little pieces of paper or on the chalk board behind the counter in the cafe etc. “What is the wifi password?” A lot of these codes are hand written which makes them very vulnerable to mis-spelling or mis-interpretation. Is this an upper case c? Is there a mistake in the code? Are you able to guess the right one? Wifi passwords represent an era of the moment of connection. A moment of human factor before we slowly drift into always connected with all devices where ever we are.

Ongoing collection.


  • Museum of Cryptography, Museum of Cryptography, Moscow, 2021

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