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Greenscreen Arnsberg
performance in public, Arnsberg Germany

Greenscreen installation at "Remind me later" Kunstverein Arnsberg

Greenscreen Arnsberg is a performance in public space during the show "Remind me later" at Kunstverein Arnsberg in July 2016. The idea is to 'catch' random pedestrian in public with a portable green-screen. The by-passers become unwittingly actors of an imaginary movie set. The green-screen background represents unlimited layers of augmentation in a post media everyday life.

Aram Bartholl 2016

'Remind me later' at Kunstverein Arnsberg

Greenscreen Venice (LA)
performance in public, Venice Los Angeles

Greenscreen Venice is a performance in public space involving a green screen, live streaming & Venice Beach as location.

Venice LA is very much known as a hip and wealthy neighborhood after being gentrified in the past 20 years. The film industry is present all over LA but especially in places like Venice you can see and feel the Hollywood dream life idea everywhere. Besides the fancy life style you wittness on a daily bases shootings of movies, advertising or music video in venice beach. People in LA like to identify with Hollywood and 'the industry'.

In Greenscreen Venice I take a walk from my sublet on 5th street to the beach. While walking in front of a moving greenscreen I'm being filmed with a smarphone and streamed live on We encountered a lot of funny conversations in the streets of Venice since everyone is familiar with the concept of a green background though it doesn't make any sense to film and walk in front of it outdoors. The resulting video was deleted after 24h, which is the default uptime of a file on The short dream of endless possibilties ends after 20 minutes and one day.

Aram Bartholl 2016

Thanks to the team!! Credits to: Nadja Buttendorf, Theo Triantafyllidis, Lee Tusman, Ashley B.,UCLA &

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