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'How to ...'

"How To Avoid Facial Recognition"

video 2:13

by Kyle McDonald & Aram Bartholl

"How to vacuum form"

video 6:13
performance / installation / multiple

"How to turn code into art"

Triptych 60 x 80 cm,
Video HD 5:05
Ed. of 4, AP

"How to make your own MOMA artist pass"

full tutorial released on FAT January 2011

Aram Bartholl

"How to save 2,30 € for a latte in Berlin"

Video 01:23
released on FAT February 2011

Aram Bartholl

"How To Blackmail A Friend"

Video, 00:59
released on F.A.T. July 2010

Aram Bartholl

"How to make a street artist mad at you"

Video, 00:49
released on F.A.T. April 2010

Aram Bartholl

"How to make more than 1000,- € in only 5 minutes!"

Video, 04:31
released on F.A.T. December 2009

Aram Bartholl

"How to build a pair of “First Person Shooter” glasses under consideration of health & safety regulations."

Video, 04:23
released on FAT October 2010

Aram Bartholl

"How to connect a german Type F “Schuko” power plug (any power plug) to a suisse CEE 7/16 power socket (any power socket) at Zurich airport (any place) on a monday night (at any time)."

Video, 00:17
released on FAT September 2009

Aram Bartholl

"How to fetch an artwork (item) from Berlin (city A) to Essen (city B) as fast as possible for no costs"

Video, 01:24
released on FAT September 2009

Aram Bartholl

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