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Missing Image
Object 2007

Missing Image is a piece of clothing that transfers a graphic error from the virtual
world of Second Life into the physical sphere in the form of a long-sleeve shirt. Second Life users can individualize their avatars any way they like with clothing that they buy or design themselves. To do this, several layers of textures are “wrapped” around the avatar’s body or 3D objects designed especially for this purpose are applied to it.

Depending on where the player is located in the virtual world and which other avatars are currently in his/her avatar’s proximity, these texture and object files are transferred from the server to the user’s Second Life viewer, a client program that
resembles a Web browser. Frequently, individual clothing textures get lost during the process of transfer and communication between the various data banks at Linden Labs. So that the avatar isn't completely invisible to the player when this happens, a standard error report texture designed by Linden Labs is deployed.The words “Missing Image” in large letters barely legible on a white background are “wrapped” around the avatar’s upper and lower body.

This very image is now being taken up by the project Missing Image and transposed into the physical world as a tight-fitting
long-sleeve shirt including gloves.

Which “textures” do we wear in real life? How do we portray ourselves by means of our body in public?

The project "Missing Image" was premiered and was for sale at the Second City shop at Ars Electronica 2007.

Aram Bartholl 2007

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