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Second Life related lecture program during Ars Electronica 07

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Beside the hundreds of panels and lectures during Ars Electronica here all Second Life related talks:

Main Panel Sa. 7 pm at Kunstuniversität Linz / K2 (Audimax)
Everything you ever wanted to know about Second Life

about the impact of Second Life onto future developments of digital communities.

Robin Harper (Vice-president of Lindenlab, Community Development, US),
Aram Bartoll (Artist, DE),
Drew Harry (Sociable Media Group, MIT Medialab, US),
Andreas Lange (Scientist, DE)
Eva & Franco Mattes (Artist, IT/US) a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG

Talks and guided tours in Second Life
at Second City Shop Marienstrasse 4:

Do. 6.9.07 – Architecture
2 pm “New Berlin” Jan Northoff & Tobias Neiseke”
4 pm Production of Architecture” Tor Lindstrand

Fr. 7.9.07 – Metaverse
2 pm “History of Metaverse” Andreas Lange
4 pm “World of Warcraft” Joichi Ito

Sa. 8.9.07 – Art
5 pm “Synthetic performances” Eva & Franco Mattes a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG

Su. 9.9.07 – Business
2 pm “Marketing in Second Life: A Sightseeing Tour” Peter Harlander

Mo. 10.9.07 – Culture
2 pm “Nekos, Furrys and more” Jürgen Höbarth
4 pm Orkan Telhan, Dietmar Offenhuber

Panel discussion at Mobiles Ö1 Atelier / Hauptplatz

Fr 7.9. 6 pm
“Public Space – Virtual Space”, How does digital media / virtual worlds affect public city space and architecture?

Mirjam Struppek (Urban Media Researcher, DE)
Tor Lindstrand (Production of Architecture, SE)
Jan Northoff (Co-founder of NewBerlin in Second Life, DE)
Aram Bartholl (Artist, DE)

su 9.9 15 pm
“Second Life as a Mirror of Society” What can we learn from social phenonemon in Metaverses for Society in Real Life?

Daphne Dragona (Independent New Media Arts Curator, GR)
UlrichGötz (Game Design Zurich University of Arts, DE)
Stephan Dösinger (Concept Architect, DE)
Aram Bartholl (Artist, DE)

Written by Aram

August 28th, 2007 at 4:28 pm

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