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What was the architect thinking? – Swatiska BND floor plan hoax

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Inspired by Travor Paglens latest pictures of Inteligence HQs released on The Intercept I took the liberty to make some slight photoshop modifications to a picture of the new BND HQ in Berlin. :)) The hoax tweet with the modified picture raised quickly a lot of attention, questions and doubts. Also the fake NYT url i added in the spirit of Fake URL trolling helped to get some fast retweets. :)) “Never hit RT before you ve seen the www!”



The picture was doubted by many users. Some of them took the effort to point out the fake. ..


…while others users were wondering  about the broken NYT link (which never existed) :))


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March 24th, 2014 at 11:37 am

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Troll Culture, A comprehensive Guide

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Stefan Krappitz finished his studies with the essay Troll Culture, A comprehensive Guide. It can be read online through a typical imageboard interface. Other options are free PDF dowmlod and print on demand at The book introduces the history of trolling on- and offline and how 4chan, the “best and worst place” on the Internet, became its new incubator. Stefan is brave enough to teach his readers how to be a troll and how to defend yourself against trolls. Stefan gives his definition of what trolling is on page 35:

Trolling is the act of disrupting people for personal amusement or the amusement of many.

This book is required reading for anybody interested in a differentiated discussion of trolling. Forget your prejudices about anonymity, hostility and jerkiness of trolls. Trolling is a art.

YEAHH!! congrats @falkenberg1 !!

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July 14th, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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