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Urban Screens Melbourne

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My good friend Mirjam is about to open the Urban Screens Melbourne festival/conference on the upcoming weekend. Looks like a promising program (Saskia Sassen etc…). If you are Downunder go there and take a look.

Urban Sreens Melbourne 2008

Public Multimedia Program: 3.-8. October 2008
Conference “Mobile Publics”: 3.-5. October 2008


As part of USM08, Melbourne’s central city square comes alive with an
Extensive outdoor exhibition that explores the diverse local infrastructure
of urban screens, utilized to create the atmosphere of a lively modern
public space.

USM08: Connected Communities is a free public multimedia exhibition
exploring the influence of digital moving images in public spaces utilizing
the infrastructure of Federation Square and temporary LED screens, in
selected regional Australian cities.

The exhibition is a six-day program that experiments with the programming
of a wide range of cultural content, suitable for urban screens. USM08
presents film screenings, an artistic short film program, interactive art,
audiovisual performances, projections, VJ sets, live streamings and public
remote talks.

The international program includes e.g. specific artistic night an morning
screenings, considering the issue of light and sound pollution, a special
local indigenous program, futuristic films such as Spielberg’s Minority
Report or visual thought provoking films such as Koyaanisqatsi as well as
interactive screen-based projects including Falling Times – a participatory,
news translation machine based on the universal language of signs; Seed –
whereby people receive a ‘seed’ via their mobile phone that they can grow
into a tree on the big screen; and MobiSpray – an application that allow
visitors to digitally spray paint the architectural façade, StalkShow – a
screen backback performance, dealing with the threat of insecurity and
isolation in public space or Reflections, a real-time documentary about our
emotional connection to water and urban screens experience.

USM08 has invited Melbourne-based festivals and their creative communities
to share the platform of USM08 to explore ways of inspiring the city to
modernise the use of urban screens. Selected highlights from partner events
such as the New York based Streaming Museum, Art at the Heart from Alice
Springs and Blinkenlights Stereoscope from Toronto will be broadcast live as
part of the Joint Broadcasting program.

All the info you need is on:


USM08 is initiated by the International Urban Screen Association and hosted
by Fed Square Pty Ltd. The multimedia program is produced with the
assistance of the Australian Government through the Australia Council for
the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, the conference developed in
cooperation with Melbourne University.

Mirjam Struppek
Artistic Director

Written by Aram

September 30th, 2008 at 3:00 pm

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  1. Wirklich sehr Interessant, Danke für den Beitrag


    4 Dec 10 at 9:36 pm

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