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In "The Sims", one of the most successful computer games of recent years, the player controls a family or other social group through their everyday lives. The welfare of each individual game figure lies in the hands of the player who can switch between characters. Diagrams and bar displays show statements on the condition of the virtual people. Are all their needs gratified? Love, fun, comfort, nutrition, ...
The game takes place in a three-dimensional house which is transparent for the player. When the Sims earn enough money, players can buy new furniture and other objects for them or enlarge the house. The characters have a certain self-sufficiency, though not enough to maintain their well-being.
The daily routine is planned: interests, hobbies, school and work are important components of everyday life. New social relationships are made and nurtured.

"The Sims" reflects our life. It attempts to simulate our complex everyday social life with its various relationships. The reproduction of the green rhombus which hovers as a three-dimensional marking over the head of the active figure transforms the world the Sims into our world.

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