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Interactive Paintings 2007

Edding 850 on PVC Foam Board 150x150 cm 3 times

The three interactive paintings "Static", "Dynamic" and "Centric"are a commissioned work by the Institut for Electronic Business

Each image shows an individual black and white pattern which has been painted manually with an edding 850. These patterns have been created by a special software on a computer. It is possible for any visitor to decode each "Semacode" by using a standard camera phone. Similar to the generic Barcodes the technology of Semacode makes it posssible to encode a specific amount of data within the pixel pattern. This string of data can be decoded from an image taken by the camera phone afterwards. The technology of Semacode is used in serveral industries for improved logistics. For the users it serves as a tool to get simple access to websites on a mobile phone. Equiped with the software the user navigates to websites by just taking a photo of a semacode which has the specific webadress encoded.


A citation of Joseph Weizenbaum is encoded in the first image named "Static".
"Knowledge does NOT become unnecessary by the Internet!"


The code of "Dynamic" leads to the photo pool of the IEB on Flickr, the Web 2.0 photo archive platform.


This pixel pattern links to the place of the IEB on Plazes, a location based communication platform.

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