5 min, 1h, tonight, tomorrow… (Remind me later)

glas table, chair, keyboard & mouse, UV light
120×150×160 cm

Aram Bartholl’s work questions how our taken-for-granted communication channels influence us? He asks not just what humans are doing with media, but what media is doing with humans. Tensions between public and private, online and offline, techno-lust and everyday life are at the core of his work in general.The dichotomies brought about by these disconnects explored though the replacement of the computer monitor with the UV face tanning light serve as a reflection on our changing and increasingly automating daily routines and pass-times.

His public interventions and installations, along with “5 min, 1h, tonight, tomorrow…(Remind me later)” often entail surprisingly physical manifestations of the digital world and challenge our concepts of reality and incorporeality.

shown at

Remind Me Later
8.07. – 28.09.2016
Kunstverein Arnsberg e.V.

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