Yesterday I went to see the exhibition „From spark to pixel“ at Martin Gropiusbau Berlin. Nice show.

Installations by:
Romy Achituv (Israel): BeNowHere Interactive, 1997 (German premiere)
Gregory Barsamian (USA): The Scream, 1998. No, Never Alone, 1998
(German premieres)
Jean Michel Bruyère (France): Si Poteris Narrare, Licet, 2002
Jean Michel Bruyère (France): CaMg(CO3)2 (Dolomit), 2007 (world premiere)
Du Zhenjun (China): Presumption, 2000 (German premiere)
Dumb Type (Japan): Voyages, 2002 (European premiere)
Brad Hwang (Korea/Germany): Time May Change Me /
I Can’t Change Time
, 2007 (world premiere)
KAI (Germany): Feuerkasten, 1991/2007
Ulf Langheinrich (Germany/Austria): Hemisphere, 2006–2007
(German premiere)
Dirk Lüsebrink / Joachim Sauter (Art+Com) (Germany): Invisible Shape of
Things Past
, 1996/2007 (premiere at the Martin-Gropius-Bau)
Marie Maquaire (France), Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu, Berlin, 2003 (German premiere)
Thomas McIntosh (Canada): Ondulation, 2002 (German premiere)
David Moises (Austria): Hanoscope, 2002 (German premiere)
Nam June Paik (Korea/USA): Candle TV, 1975
Christian Partos (Sweden): Visp, 2000. Striptease, 1998. (German premiere)
M.O.M, 2003.
Erwin Redl (Austria/USA): FLOW Berlin, 2007 (world premiere)
Jeffrey Shaw (Australia) / Sarah Kenderdine (New Zealand):
PLACE Hampi, 2006 (German premiere)
Pierrick Sorin (France): Quelques inventions remarquables, 2003
Shiro Takatani (Japan): Chrono, 2007
Shiro Takatani (Japan): Camera Lucida, 2005 (European premiere)
Saburo Teshigawara (Japan): Light Behind Light, 2004 (German premiere)