I am showing Random Screen at
Lack of electricity
2009. 10.22(thu) – 11.19(thu)
OPENING 2009. 10.22(thu) PM 5:00

Space CAN (46-26 Seongbuk dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea, 136-822)

아람바톨Aram Bartholl,
헤르빅바이저Herwig Weiser,
박준범June-bum Park,
전병삼Byeong-sam Jeon,
정흥섭Heung-sup, Jung

[text below is raw OCR]

The media art works are focused on the miraculous techniques and astonishment as tt_e meaning of the works ratt_er
than the contents, with using of the digital technology, In other word, the audienceC participation of push ing buttons and
sensor detdion become accepted as an aesthetic communication , These situations intensifies the various aspects of
media art function,
A purpose of the exhibit_an, 4Lack af Electricity-Unplugged Media Art> is reinterpreting the media art and camplement
limitations of media art. This p0ject Degins with the question, ‚Where do we find the meaning of media art when the
electricity is out?“. since tt_e electricity is an indispensable element for the process of media art. Tt_ is project signifies the
mean_ng of electricity in med_a art,