Presentation and open for experimentation night. Installation by Visomat and telematique
Sat | 15.12.| 9 P.M at M12 Berlin
„Halbzeug describes a range of styrofoam modules whose functional design defines them as everyday objects. In the realm of art, styrofoam often serves as a preliminary material for sculptures and large-scale objects. While Halbzeug references this context, its practical bias and situational use moves it beyond any arts-related connotations. Halbzeug takes traditional handicraft and transposes it to the present to express the idea of the ornament with a very contemporary material.“
This piece reminds me of Pablo Valbuenas Augmented Sculpture wich has been shown at Ars Electronica this year. It’s a very interesting development of getting rid of the stupid rectangle we looking at all day. 😉