I went to re:place media art history conference last week, listening to some panels and talks. I did like the poster presentations, in Pechakucha style ( 10 presenters in 1 h) a lot. A 2,5 h panel with 4 panelists is sometimes quite long. But over all I got some interesting insights in media art history.
On Saturday I met Eva de Groote from Vooruit.be at Tesla to take a look at the „9 Evenings Reconsidered: Art, Theatre, and Engineering, 1966“ exhibition, originaly shown at MIT.
It was great fun to see today, in the era of the end of media art, the very beginning, the original equipment and beautiful movie documentations of 1966.

„9 evenings reconsidered: art, theatre, and engineering, 1966“ at Tesla
opening hours:
10.11 through 02.12.2007
tues through sun, 6 pm – 10 pm

More pics of re:place conference and 9evenings exhibit on flickr.