inSPIRACJE festival in Szczecin, Poland (just 150 km from Berlin) was great fun. On its 5th edition the festival showed work of more than 65 artists in over 20 venues in the city. I am please to show the „Map“ installation which marks out the center of the city at Pl. Żołnierza Polskiego. It’ll stay there for 3 months in public so the people of Szczecin will find their way 😉 . The piece came out very well and the team of inSPIRACJE did a great job on it.

Thx a lot to Joanna Trela, international coordination!
Thx a lot to Rafał Roguszka for production coordination!
Thx a lot to to Bartek Kalejta and the rest of the logistic team, which did a great job!
Thx a lot to the whole inSPIRACJE team to make this possible!!!
and thx for the great hospitality!

All pics on flickr.