v2_ Institure for unstable Media published an interview with me about the Tweet Bubble Series project I realized during my artist residency at V2_ Lab last spring.
by Piem Wirtz & Arie Altena
During the V2_ Wearable Technology workshop on May 19th 2009 Piem Wirtz and Arie Altena took the opportunity to interview the German artist Aram Bartholl. Bartholl had just finished the Tweet Bubble Series, four works that he developed during his artist in residence period at the V2_Lab. He presented the four T-shirts of the Tweet Bubble Series the next day at the Test-Lab Fashionable Technology.
Arie Altena: „Could you explain how the Tweet Bubble Series came about?“
Aram Bartholl: „The Tweet Bubble Series is about putting Twitter posts, so-called tweets, on clothing. Twitter a social web application that people use to tell each other what they are doing at the very moment. Twitter is in between chatting, blogging, text-messaging and email. Normally tweets are only on the web, by putting them on a T-shirt they they are brought from the digital platform to everyday life and physical space. That’s the basic explanation.
The Tweet Bubble Series relates specifically to Twitter, but it could also relate to another, similar service. Twitter is interesting because it is quite brutal in terms of privacy. On Twitter people are very private in public. Your tweets are public by default. You can hide your feed and make it available to certain people that you allow to see it, but most people do not use this option. Most twitter-feeds are just public. Every tweet is stored as a single html-page, Google will find and index it. It is just one of the examples of the increase in ‚transparency‘ in our society. …..

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