Is this you in the video?

installation/performance in public
metal, wood, plaster, camera, kabels, battery
340 × 50 × 50 cm

During the setup of Is this you in the video? at La Caufferie H.E.A.R. a pole with surveillance camera on it was found in the streets of Strasbourg. It was unclear if this camera pole was thrown over by someone or just fell down by itself. Surprisingly the surveillance camera was still working and followed the by-passers movements in the street. Because of its unpractical position it partially blocked the sidewalk and pedestrians had to step around or over it. Also the traffic was partially affected by the object. Eventually the object was retrieved from the street of Strasbourg and silently added as part of the show Is this you in the video? The camera was still working.

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With fully autonomous auto tracking the camera choose its subjects on the bases of movement.