Is this you in the video?

installation/performance in public
metal, wood, plaster, camera, kabels, battery
340 × 50 × 50 cm

During the setup of Is this you in the video? at La Caufferie H.E.A.R., a pole with a surveillance camera attached to it was found lying on a Strasbourg street. It was unclear whether this camera-pole had been pushed over by someone or had just fallen down by itself. Surprisingly, the surveillance camera had kept working, recording the movements of passers-by.  The pole was partially blocking the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to step around it or over it, and its inconvenient position was even affecting traffic. Eventually, the object was retrieved from the street and silently became part of the Is this you in the video? exhibition. The camera was still working.

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With fully autonomous auto tracking the camera choose its subjects on the bases of movement.