Solo Show
30. July – 13. August 2021

Visitors of the Bürgeramt Arnsberg are invited to have their portrait taken which in the following is run through a face recognition software. Choose an emoji, font and color to have your face ‘de-recognized’. The resulting picture is directly printed on A3+ Hahnemühle art photo paper for you to take home!

Opening, Friday 30.7. 11:00-13:00
2.8.-13.8. 10:00-16:00
Historisches Rathaus Arnsberg
Organized by @kulturarnsberg thx!

Supported by:

thx @nadjalien for test portrait!
thx @tlsaeger for code!
thx @schw__rz for invitation design!



New Viewings

Solo Show
1. – 30. June 2021

“Dust” part of the New Viewings exhibition series.

New Viewings is an experimental exhibition platform, a utopian space, a generator which invites curators and artists to develop projects free from limitations. Visitors get an overview of current discourses, curators and artist positions. Browsing through the ongoing carousel of shows and works you can discover and buy from upcoming and established artists as well as commission new projects. New Viewings was founded by Galerie Barbara Thumm. Although this project was inspired as a response to the pandemic lockdown, New Viewings has matured into its own destination. New Viewings has become a pioneering platform which explores new modes of gallery presentation and new ways to create market access. It has created a diverse network of artistic positions and ideas. The gallery has invited curators to host a series of four solo shows. A virtual gallery space was provided as a blank canvas to the artists, inviting them to experiment, to test new ideas. It is an opportunity to the artists to create a presentation of their work that would either be impossible due to resource constraints, gallery spaces or even strategic confines as determined by expectations of that artist’s oeuvre.


Owned By Others

Group Show
1. December 2020 – 31. January 2021

Owned by Others is an artistic endeavor uncovering narratives, places, and artifacts from, around, and on Berlin’s Museum Island. The dialogical initiative fosters actions, interventions, research, performances, and social encounters in the public realm which link the island’s multi-layered history-scapes to global contemporary artistic practices. The project unfolds in fall 2020 through a series of interventions, a map-based website, and a publication. As collaborations span from Baghdad to Guatemala City, from Addis Ababa to Tijuana, and from Singapore to Dakar, the démarche revolves around the structures of Museum Island. The Initiative translates ongoing political discussions into contemporary, post-national collaborations, relations, and methods that negotiate globality, historicity, and the present.

Fremdbesitz and tracing narratives of an island

Owned by Others is an artistic endeavor uncovering narratives, places, and artifacts from, around, and on Berlin’s Museum Island. The project assembles methods for thinking about and tactics for claiming the site as a new city center of the commons. Who is responsible for telling the story of this place, and where might they be stuck in times of the pandemic?

A map-based website www.ownedbyothers.org and public archive as well as events, exhibitions, and weekly gatherings complete the project. The physical center of all processes is the newly established Museum Tropicana at Spreeufer 6 opposite the Berliner Schloss. It accommodates the Owned by Others offices; hosts a supporting program with exhibitions, presentations, and lecture performances; and convenes a weekly Tuesday evening get-together strictly following the latest hygiene regulations.

a project by Lutz Henke & Raul Walch

With contributions by:
Adam Kraft, Andreas Gehrke, Anna-Sophie Springer, Albrecht/Wilke, Alvaro Urbano, Aram Bartholl, Arijit Bhattacharyya, Cinema Lada, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Ina Weise & Marcus Große, Jeewi Lee & Aliou Badou Diack, Kasia Fudakowski, K-Verlag, Lutz Henke, Miguel Buenrostro, Peter Behrbohm,  Raul Walch, Regina José Galindo, Santiago Sierra, Tarkib, Teresa Margolles, Yuichiro Tamura, Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin, Zoë Claire Miller, Zuzanna Czebatul

Seasons of Media Arts

Group Show
9. September 2020 – 31. March 2021

Seasons of Media Arts. Stadt der partizipativen Visionen
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien

Light installations, media projections on building facades and streets, artistic interventions, and experimental events will transform Karlsruhe during the »Seasons of Media Arts« into a stage for innovative, cooperative, and networked media art. Since September 11, 2020, a variety of media-based artistic projects has been on show in the urban space of Karlsruhe. These projects, accompanied by special programs designed by various institutions and initiatives in Karlsruhe, invite the public to interact and explore our information- and media technology-based reality.  Here, »media« are understood literally as expressive tools that open up artistic access to current issues such as the climate crisis or democracy in the age of social media.

Aram Bartholl, Michael Bielicky, Jonas Denzel, Holger Förterer, Walter Giers, Mira Hirtz, Eva Judkins, Ulf Langheinrich, Alexander Liebrich, Christian Lölkes, Betty Rieckmann, Sabine Schäfer, Marie Sester, Ulrich Singer, Pong.Li Studios, Xenorama, Marco Zampella,

Better Off Online

Group Show
9. September – 30. November 2020

#KönigDigital: The international group show „better off online“ is presented by @koeniggalerie as part of @arselectronica. Enter the exhibition by typing ars.webb.game in your browser.


“It is increasingly necessary to be able to think new technologies in different ways, and to be critical of them, in order to meaningfully participate in that shaping and directing“, writes James Bridle in his book “New Dark Age. Technology and the End of Future“. During the lockdown nearly everything that was left for the art world to connect, share and experience were digital devices and new technologies. The digital boom was hit by a wave of criticism of technology. Artists have always worked with new technologies, and at the same time critically question them.

Experiencing a global lockdown is an excuse for utopian escapism into a game environment as the only place left to experience and interact with art. The British artist Thomas @Webb built a virtual world for new media artists to share their thoughts on what technology is and could be.

The WORLD WIDE WEBB is a virtual world the digital visitor enters through the browser on a smartphone. It is a multiplayer video game, a digital exhibition space and a world full of art and characters the visitor is invited to interact with. Webb recreates the social spontaneity of the world pre-Covid-19. Net art is presented in its genuine medium, the digital realm, where video art is also easily accessible. The visitor meets AI avatars designed by Webb, to reflect the human nature and to question the use of technology in the digital age.

Artists: Koo Jeong A, Aram Bartholl, Alice Bucknell, Arvida Byström, Stine Deja, Keiken, Kesh, Jonas Lund, Rachel Maclean, Tabor Robak, Manuel Rossner, Nicole Ruggiero, Sebastian Schmieg, Thomas Webb

Concept: Anika Meier & Thomas Webb

On entering a living being. From Social Sculpture to Platform Capitalism

Group Show
18. May – 16. August 2020

Eintritt in ein Lebewesen. Von der Sozialen Skulptur zum Plattformkapitalismus
On entering a living being. From Social Sculpture to Platform Capitalism

When Joseph Beuys coined the phrase of the “social sculpture” in the 1970s, he was not aware of the development of the internet at the same time. However, in interviews and lectures he frequently hints at the possibility of a new kind of medium, that would allow the audience to participate and that could serve as a plattform for political debate and action.

With the international proliferation of the internet and the possibility of communication and cooperation that it has delivered, it is timely to compare its promise with the utopian ideas of Joseph Beuys. Has the net enabled new forms of collective creativity? Or does it serve as a means to turn this
“general intellect” (K. Marx) into raw material that companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter et al use to make a profit?

The exhibition with works by approximately 38 artists reflects the methods by which companies such as YouTube, Google, Fiverr or Amazon Mechanical Turk have made the exploitation of the creativity of their users into a business model. About half of the works were created in response to the current
“platform capitalism”. A selection of older works traces the idea of “collective creativity” back to original emancipatory ideas from the early days of the Internet such as “crowd sourcing” and finally to Joseph Beuys’ “social sculpture”.

Over the last decade, a number of companies have made a business model out of offering plattforms for the sale of creative work on the web as online services or “microjobs”. Through providers such as Amazon Mechanical Turk or Fiverr, creative services such as texts, designs, videos or apps can be commissioned for prices that are often far below the fee that a professional designer would charge. In many ways, the artistic works that were once thought of as “crowd sourcing art” – a genre that has its own Wikipedia entry by now – today seem like naive anticipations of these exploitative practices,
which in turn have also been reflected by artists in recent years.

The exhibition brings together works that comment on and criticize the “gig economy” that has emerged, and by juxtaposing them with works from the nineties and noughties, places them in a historical context that ultimately dates back to Joseph Beuys’ “social sculpture” – some of the artists involved even explicitly referenced Beuys and his slogan: “Everyone is an artist.” The exhibition will be accompanied by events that address the model of “platform capitalism” in the cultural sphere in discussions, video presentations and lectures.

Participating artists:
Cory Arcangel, Joseph Beuys, Aram Bartholl, Natalie Bookchin, Irene Chabr, James Coupe, Andy Deck, Constant Dullaart, Mark Flood, John D. Freyer, Aaron Koblin & Daniel Massey, Steffen Köhn, JODI, Miranda July & Harrell Fletcher, Olia Lialina, Jonas Lund, Judy Malloy, Michael Mandiberg, Neozoon, OMSK Social Club, Nam June Paik, Mark Salvatus, Sebastian Schmieg & Silvio Lorusso, Ralph Schulz, Guido Segni, Johannes StÜttgen, Alex Tew, Amalia Ulman, Van Gogh TV

Curated by Tilman Baumgärtel, Hochschule Mainz