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15 Seconds Of Fame show at cafe MÖRDER 2.12.2010 -€“ 15.2.2011 (the same place from where I spotted the G-car!)

15 Seconds Of Fame

Google Streetview self portraits series

60 x 40 cm, Lightjet C-print, Alu-Dibond, Acryl
Video screencast HD, 1:08 min,

On the morning of October 13, 2009 I had coffee as ususal at Cafe MÖRDER, Berlin Mitte. Suddenly the Google Streetview car entered Borsigstrasse. I dropped my spoon, took the door and ran after it. About a year later on November 18, 2010 Google Streetview Germany went life this spontaneous performance included.

View the series on Google Streetview.

Shown at:

  • 15 Seconds Of Fame
    Solo show, Aram Bartholl
    at cafe MÖRDER, Borsigstr.1, 10115 Berlin
    2.12.2010 -€“ 15.2.2011

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