performance in public

AV /DV is a small performance piece for public space. The goal is to balance the pressure between an inflated car tire and a flat bicycle tire. As a tool for this performance a 40 cm ‘Auto Valve’ pressure hose is equipped with ‘Dunlop Valve’ bicycle adapter on the other end. A typical car tire usually holds a pressure between 2.2 -2.7 bar. A bicycle tire can even go up to 8 bar (racing bikes) but often is much lower. At the end of this performance both tires had the same pressure of 2.5 bar, which fair enough to ride a bike (to find more air later…). In the case of the porsche cayenne the tire went only down from 2.8 to 2.5 bar. The sensors haven’t even complained yet.

Aram Bartholl

First tested and shown at Remind me later , solo show at Kunstverein Arnsberg.

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