A statement regarding developments in Germany I posted on Instagram Friday 15.12.2023.

I’m getting more and more messages from friends abroad or expats here asking about what’s going on in Germany. It seems Germany’s facade fell off. It is terrible and it is scary and very wrong how things play out in the cultural sector currently. Open pluralist discourse in public feels impossible. People are silent in fear of loosing jobs, funding etc. There was a huge right wing shift already this year (Afd on rise) but since October 7th things went out of control. The conservatives and afd of course love this development of canceling critical art etc. Sadly the left is not just split (as usual) but the antideutsch left and green friends playing into the hands of right press and cancellations. Meanwhile I completely resorted to international press for news regarding Israel – Gaza … It’s sad to see and easy to predict where this is going. White art for white Germany… while Afd on the rise and true „Ausländer raus“-Germany with no facade is back…. Germany cancelling itself.