26C3 ist the acronym for the 26th CCC =  26th Chaos Communication Congress which took place in Berlin from 27th-30th of December in 2009. This anual hacker conference (next year 27c3) is organized by the Berlin based Chaos Computer Club which ‘is one of the biggest and most influential hacker organizations.’ (cited from WP=Wikipedia)
To get a quick overview on latest developments in hacking, internet security and cryptography check for 26c3 related news or blog posts
Most important presentations are shortlisted incl PDF, video and audio links on infosecevents.net.
To take a closer look at this year topics check the presentation slides or video recordings of the talks. Browse the full program here. Besides a summary of the presentation you’ll find links to the audio or video recordings at the bottom of each page.
A popular presentation format at the CCC are the lightening talks. In a fast sequence of 4 minute presentations everyone is invited to present their work/topic. The order of each 4 minute presention for each day lightening talk can be found here. Video recordings of these talks can be found in the full video link list below. You are the only one who read the whole blog post. Most people just go for the links.
Selection of important talks incl. links
Full list of talks incl slides, links, video links
Lightenings talks list of order
Full link list for all video recordings
Optional: torrent links for all video recordings (faster)