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Nerd Scrunchy

nerd-hair-tieI love the universality of zip ties! (Yes, I know it’s about time to get a new haircut.)


Written by Aram

September 2nd, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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This is my blog. Since 2007 I post about recent projects or small things I make which are just published here. Also you will find news about upcoming activities, like: shows, talks, workshops, press, etc... some years back I used to blog about all kinds of stuff. Press, pic-of-the-day or other-artists-projects are fun categories to click through.

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  1. [...] Download the template now and release something today! Be fast! Go go go ! Setting up this project took me roughly one hour.Also check my ‘lunch’-project ‘Nerd Scrunchy‘ [...]

  2. Neat.


    2 Sep 09 at 5:57 pm

  3. [...] テンプレートをダウンロードして、今すぐ何かリリースしよう!急いで!ゴーゴーゴー!このプロジェクトにかかったのは大体1時間。僕の「ランチ」プロジェクト「Nerd Scrunchy」もよろしく。 [...]

  4. [...] do FUCK 3D, o coletivo F.A.T. também criou o Nerd Scrunchy, para as girlies geeks prenderem o cabelo. Ambos bem bizarro né? Leia Também:Desktop de arteThe [...]

  5. Awesome. I’ve also done this with duct tape (First stick the tape to some paper, of course. Do not tape hair.)

    Amelie Q

    9 Oct 09 at 7:58 pm

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