“Two coffee with sugar and milk, please …. hmm, I think it is not quick enough yet.”

Allthough I haven’t seen all the presentations at the Designmai Symposium the “RepRap” project presented by Adrian Bowyer has blown me away. The vision of the self replicating replicator becomes reality!

The informal “Unconference” I was invited to talk today was nice and cosy. We had an interesting group of people discucssing.

Speakers at the Symposium:

*Assa Ashuach* | Product-/Furniture Designer (www.assaashuach.com), London

*Adrian Bowyer* | Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering and Design, University of Bath
(www.bath.ac.uk/~ensab), Bath

*Michael Braungart* | Professor of Water Engineering and Environmental
Technology, University Lüneburg; CEO EPEA International Environmental
Research (www.epea.com); Co-Founder MBDC McDonough Braungart Design
Chemistry (www.mbdc.com); Founder of Hamburg Environmental Institute

*Regine Debatty* | New Media Art Consultant for festivals and art
commissions; Blogger (www.we-make-money-not-art.com), Berlin

*Holm Friebe* | CEO Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur
(www.zentrale-intelligenz-agentur.de), Berlin
*Stefan Heidenreich* | Media Theoretician (www.stefanheidenreich.de),

*Helena Hyvönen *| Dean of University of Art and Design (www.uiah.fi),
Helsinki **

*Björn Richter* | Stratasys GmbH (www.stratasys.com), Frankfurt**

*Ned Rossiter* | Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, University of Ulster;
Digital Cultures, University of Western Sydney (online)
*Joachim Sauter* | Professor of Digital Media, Universität der Künste,
Berlin; Media Art and Design, University of California, L.A.; Artistic
Director ART+COM AG www.artcom.de), Berlin

*Ursula Tischner* | Designer; CEO econcept – agency for sustainable
design (www.econcept.org), Cologne

*Reto Wettach* | Professor of Physical Interaction Design,
Fachhochschule Potsdam; Director Interaction Design Lab