What a black friday for the internet. The anti censorship demonstration in the morning was still some fun. All about the family-minister-‘anti child porn’-DNS-filter-ISP-voluntary-agreement at Matejunkie or in Googlenglish. I hope that politics won’t turn this into a law. #zensurusla flickr stream.
At the same time the Pirate Bay verdict was delivered. It is pretty obvious that the film/music industry got their news headline “File sharing pirates go to prison!”. That’s all they wanted! It’s quite interesting to look at some detailes here and that the case will go in revision of course. Check the TPB press conference from the same day here.
And on top of that all these bad news my site was down half a day due to Hosteurope web hoster trouble. And the same thing is still true for Dreamhost and our fffff.at site!! What’s going on internet ?!? Don’t you feel well? Fever? Should we talk? Anything I should know? Just relax. I am sure it’s gonna be alright. Your Selbstheilungskr√§fte are very good!