Schauspielhaus Hamburg shows The Vikings at Helgeland” by Henrik Ibsen in a mix of stage play and Second Life play, streaming video in and outside Second Life at the same time. Visitors can enjoy the piece at the theater as well as in Second Life. I haven’t seen it yet but there is one feature I really like. In general in the theater as well as in Second Life the audience has its individual view/ camera position. Different to the fixed view in real life theater the user in Second Life can move his view/ camera position independetly from the avatar. But while watching the Ibsen piece in Second Life a script is controlling the camera position of the audience. This is interesing. All viewers in Second Life have the same view on the set in a more likely cinematic way. A movie camera position shows close ups, totals etc. according to the situation. Play and Cinema are merging.

Imagine, in 10 years we won’t go to the movies to see “Lord of the Rings” but we will see in Second Life (or similar) as a play in real time from preset (and also free choosen) camera positions. This thought opens up for a wide range possibilities. 🙂

upcoming shows:

24.01.2008, 8 pm (11 am PST)
25.01.2008, 8 pm (11 am PST)
26.01.2008, 8 pm (11 am PST)
07.02.2008, 8 pm (11 am PST)
10.02.2008, 8 pm (11 am PST)

Island in Second Life SLurl:
Helgeland (176, 130, 31), Hamburg North Beach

Blog of the play:

More infos on the piece at Schauspielhaus Hamburg website: