Choir Of Missed Connections

chandelier, 360° light bulb surveillance cameras
60 × 60 × 85 cm

“Choir Of Missed Connections” (2024) was the center piece for my solo show at Kunstverein Rotenburg. Five 360° light bulb cams in a chandelier constantly announcing “Entering peering mode” and keep resetting themselves (“Power on!”) in search of an Internet connection.

The light bulb, an essential invention of the Industrial Revolution, has evolved into a new device integrated with a miniature version of an outdoor-style 360° surveillance camera. It not only emits light to enhance human visibility in darkness, thereby enabling longer working hours and better control, but also captures the reflection of its emitted light. Through the camera, it extends the view remotely into a sophisticated surveillance situation.

The market for surveillance cameras in the private sphere has grown tremendously in recent years. The desire for control over one’s own private space is reflected in this development and is part of the digitally driven society marked by a loss of trust.


  • Home Smart Home, Kunstverein Rotenburg, Rotenburg, 2024

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