When I was a kid we used to pick up dumped black and white TVs from the streets. In the late nineties and early 2000’s I couldn’t resist to collect all these CRT screens in the street (it’s stil going on but eventually I dumped my electro trash collection a while ago). Today it seems I witnessed a new era of electro trash. It is the very first time that I found a crashed iphone in the street (next to a tree in a small bush, typical CRT spot). I am curious how many more years it ll take till people will dump working iPhones …. (or anyone lost his in Bremen Mitte? Sorry man, I ve bad news!) … and I had to explain to my son why it won t make sense to get it repaired. Another sad part on how to explaining society.
dedicated to JODI http://www.folksomy.net/ytct and Ars.