On Equal Terms

15. – 25. September 2022
Group Show, Uferhallen, Berlin

From September 15 to 25, the Uferhallen will present the group exhibition On Equal Terms.

Stefan Alber , Aram Bartholl , Antje Blumenstein , Benedikt Braun , Lou Cantor , Peter Dobroschke , Maria Eichhorn , FORT , Heiner Franzen , Wolfgang Ganter , Asta Gröting , Christian Henkel , IOCOSE , Šejla Kamerić , Bianca Kennedy , Peter Klare , Werner Liebmann , Tommy Neuwirth , Manfred Peckl , Alona Rodeh , Hansjörg Schneider , Bettina Scholz , Ann Schomburg , Mark Wallinger , Klaus Weber , Nicole Wermers

Curated by  Sophia Gräfe und Arkadij Koscheew.

A large majority of Berlin-based artists are trying to resist the eco‐ nomic displacement of spaces for artistic experimentation. However, their language is sometimes forced to conform to a similar logic, as workplaces and artistic networks are labelled as “creative hubs” and “cultural capital.” In the struggle against the gentrification of spaces for living and working, these same spaces necessarily become subject to the cultural economy’s valorization process. What is the price to pay for entering the political bidding war for space? What is the relationship between cultural and monetary capital? Are both sides of the conversation on equal terms?

The group show examines, among other things, how art deals with mechanisms of the partly voluntary, partly forced commodification of cultural and artistic values. The exhibition will showcase works by approximately 25 artists from Uferhallen