Tilt Shift – Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie

28. April – 7. May 2023
Group Show, Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt

Tilt/Shift – Experiment as Normality
Even in our society’s fields of activity we previously believed to be safe, the contemporary crises prevalent worldwide are revealing to us a long-inconceivable collapse. Although no claim can be laid on a normal state of the world, the feeling of security is dwindling for an ever-growing number of people: habitual viewpoints are breaking away, certainties are shifting. The promise that all will remain well, or that things will be all right again, is currently unravelling and is almost impossible to carry into tomorrow from today. Even people who, thus far, imagined themselves to be safe in their habitat are noticing that their everyday life is under ever-more frequent threat. Thought patterns are being queried and discussed – constructively by groups and individuals, but also in a polarising way by fact-twisters. Old discourses on euro-centrically and post-colonially influenced views of the world – in macro and in micro – are being sustained and propagated. Times of crisis not only signify uncertainty, but are also able – despite it all – to highlight opportunities. Partly out of necessity, potentials are examined at all levels for open spaces, new phenomena and further developments. Will the experiment of constantly having to refocus become the normal state now? How can photography capture the enormous changes? What images allow us to better understand an uncertain, diverse world subject to turbulent and complex transformation – and to keep an eye on the experiment’s open outcome?

Andrea Abbatangelo, Axel Beyer, Aram Bartholl, Carsten Costard, Sharbendu De, Mia Dudek, Jonas Fischer, Johanna-Maria Fritz, Taissa Fromme / Celia Zehetgruber, Julia Gaes, Philip Gaißer, Maximilian Glas, Tanya Habjouqa, Juliane Herrmann, Jan Hoeft, Norbert Holick, Jan Hottmann, Bob Jones, Priya Kambli, Sandra Kantanen, Eeva Karhu, Martin Kollar, Jan Kricke, Ove Kvavik, Alwin Lay, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Werner Mansholt, Luise Marchand, Ille Oelhaf, Patrick Pollmeier, Casper Sänger, Hanna Sass, Martina Sauter, Aleksandra Sawa, Ramona Schacht, Sari Schildt, Max Schwarzmann, Lucia Sotnikova / David Mackaay, Mika Sperling, Anna Stüdeli, Elena Subach, Leonard Suryajaya, Mouneb Taim, Jesus Tório, Christoph Westermeier, Cemre Yesil