PAINT figure drawing class!!


Join us for the first PAINT figure drawing class at EYEBEAM in Sunset Park NYC. We will draw live models on computers with mouse in classic paint! No antialiasing! No layers! Limited undos! Come and show off your mouse drawing skills in good old desktop drawing style. Bring your own laptop and very important bring a MOUSE!! No touch allowed!! Make sure you have paintxp, paintbrush or Gpaint installed on your book.

Requirements & Rules:

  • bring a laptop (limited desktop computers available onsite)
  • bring a mouse
  • install paint (classic paint for win7, OSX, linux)
  • no layers
  • 3 undos
  • 48 colors max
  • no gradients
  • no antialiasing
  • mouse only, no touch!
  • save as BMP!!

Aram Bartholl 2014

Released on FAT lab

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