FUCK 3D glasses, FAT 2009

Fuck 3D Glasses Series

2009 - 2012
Unlimited multiple
Color print
105 x 148 mm

FUCK 3D glasses. Are you sick of the 3rd dimension? Enjoy full 2D with a FUCK 3D -pair of glasses !!! download here !

F.A.T. brings to you a brand new solution!!! Just switch your whole life to 2D. Get a pair of FUCK 3D glasses, loose the 3rd dimension and enjoy full 2D!!! It never has been so easy!! Life is so much better!!

Published on F.A.T. Lab, April 2009
Download /  FUCK 3D DIY-set

Published on F.A.T. Lab, June 2011

FFFFFREE Ai Weiwei – glasses !!

Make your own FREE Ai Weiwei glasses today!! Download the post card PDF, print double sided, cut and mount the parts!! Show off your pair of FREE Ai Weiwei glasses!!

Published on F.A.T. Lab, June 2011

Download/ FREE Ai Weiwei glasses


Book Glasses

Special piece made for the monographie ARAM BARTHOLL The Speed Book

Improve your reading capabilities! Download the book glasses here and make your own pair today!

One of my favorite pages from my upcoming book! 🙂 In the shelves in the next couple weeks! Thx to everyone involved in this book!!

Published on F.A.T. Lab, Jan 2012
Download / FREE Book Glasses


Aram Bartholl 2009 – 2012 – based on First Person Shooterglasses

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FFFFFREE Ai Weiwei – glasses !! 2011

Book Glasses 2012