Repair Cafe

workshop series

As part of the exhibition program “Ihr Paket ist abholbereit,” a series of repair café events took place at Kunsthalle Osnabrück throughout the fall and winter of 2023. Local repair initiatives were invited to the workshop area within the exhibition, where visitors could bring their broken electronic devices to be repaired, if possible. Free coffee and cake is the motto of each repair café!

Repair initiatives have been active for a couple of decades already (, but they have garnered more attention in recent years due to discussions about sustainability, rare earths, and reuse. Additionally, the new EU law initiative “right to repair” has generated increased interest in the field.

The following repair initiatives participated in the workshops. Thanks to everyone involved! Wüsteninitiative e.V., Reparaturcafé des Museum Industriekultur, Repair Café Hagen a.T.W., ReparaturTreff (ReTrO) Ostercappeln e.V., Café OASE (Diakonie Osnabrück)

“Not everything that is broken has to be thrown away. This is demonstrated by repair groups in various locations. This offer is now also available at the repair afternoons in the Kunsthalle. The offer of help or complete repair can be taken up directly in the exhibition with coffee and cake. The event is free of charge, registration is not required.

The workshop is part of the art mediation program for the exhibition Package ready for pickup (08.07.2023-25.02.2024) by Aram Bartholl at Kunsthalle Osnabrück.”

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