Speed Project

project format
13 × 10 × 10 cm

Do more projects in less time!  Do Speed Projects!

Instead of working on some GREAT piece for a whole year do faster projects. Do Speed Projects!  Start labeling your latest work with the official Speed Project stamp. Check the amount of time you needed for full production time inculding online publication. A Speed Project may not take longer than 8h max. Adding up time fragments is not allowed, once you started the clock is running (skip lunch or better do a project during lunchtime 😉

Download the template now and release something today! Be fast! Go go go !
Setting up this project took me roughly one hour.


This post above was published on fffff.at in February 2009. Since then many of SPEED Approved projects were posted on fffff.at by all FAT members. Please find a small selection below or browse them all here http://fffff.at/tag/speed-project/ and here http://fffff.at/tag/speedproject/

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