archival inkjet print on aluminum, 221 x 90 cm, 218 x 91 cm, power fence converter, 7000 V

A graphics card is a standard computer component which processes and outputs the signal of the actual pixel image which is displayed on the computer screen. Over the last decades the capabilities of these units developed exponentially. Especially in gaming a video card with a fast GPU (graphic processing unit) is essential to be able to play the latest game titles in high resolution including all the shading and texture features. A high end graphics card can be easily as expensive as a complete computer. For the gaming community they have become a status symbol a long time ago. The latest model of a Nvidia Geforce or ATI Radeon represents a high powered racing bike or the Ferrari of the computer age. Although these cards are just technical components on a circuit board inside of a computer they are enclosed in a sophisticated body of metal and plastic. As fetishistic objects they appear in various media and form made by fans and often become the subject of high end 3D renderings themselves.

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