This Is Fine

public sculpture
print on forex
3,25 × 4,00 m

There is actually not so much to say about this work. It’s just a fire emoji printed on 3×4 meter forex boards, put together and hold up by a scaffolding. During the production the printing company called because the resolution of the file was super low … haha yes, it is an emoji.

Fire is very hot. On social media emojis are very cool and people using them are hot. The other week I had to explain to my mother on the phone about emojis. A couple days later she did send me a link to a 3Sat German documentary on emojis. Now she knows all about them. Real fire is very destructive.

In spring I met the curators on site to discuss the work and we wondered if it was inappropriate to show it since the war in Ukraine just had started. The summer then was again very hot and dry, all over Europe. Even in Berlin the Grunewald burned but that had to do with a police storage site for unexploded World War 2 bombs, a different story. As of September the war in Ukraine is still going on and we are caught in a fossile fuels energy crisis.

Three days before the opening of the show a house on the same block around the corner of Uferhallen burned. Pictures of it were send to me on Instagram. My piece was already up then. After all it relates very well to all the different crisis’ here and around the world. It feels like the world is on fire. 🔥



  • On Equal Terms, Uferhallen, Berlin, 2022
  • Tilt / Shift, Darmstadt, 2023

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