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Blender 3D
5:44 min

TOP25 is a series of short 3D animation sequences featuring the 25 most used passwords in the world. Standard, easy-to-guess passwords like ‘123456’ or ‘admin’—frequently the default preset passwords for routers and other devices in the past—still pose a significant security threat to computer systems in general. This collection of well-known passwords is presented in a style of 3D animation often used for YouTube intros. It is very common practice among YouTubers to use short and very to-the-point 3D animations of their logo and name to introduce their channels, and a whole scene of young YouTubers exchange and share the 3D source files (Blender 3D) online to help new channel producers generate their own intros. Though the animations are remixed and altered, the general aesthetics follow a very clear visual concept. All sequences in this video are original designs and arrangements by different creators; the text has been altered to match the top 25 passwords.

TOP25 was first shown during Is this you in the video? at La Chaufferie H.E.A.R. Strasbourg, France in the gallery’s bathroom.


  • Your shopping cart is empty, Emmanuel gallery, Denver, 2018
  • Die Informale, Videoramas - The Pool at Night, Buenos Aires, 2018
  • Immortality - The Ural Bienniale,, Ekaterinburg, 2019
  • Video des Monats, HMKV, Dortmund, 2022

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