True Depth

room installation
disco ball, CCTV cam, laptop, infrared light, cables
3 × 4 × 2m

Invisible data disco for the post surveillance era.

A spotlight projects infrared light onto a disco ball which is hanging from the center of the ceiling. The mirrored ball is reflecting the light, invisible to the viewer all over the room. A CCTV camera on the floor records and auto-tracks movements in the room. The video on the laptop reveals the dot pattern reflections from the night vision real-time stream of the camera. True Depth refers to the latest iPhone camera 3D scanning technology, developed to improve face recognition. Invisible infrared patterns are projected onto the face of the phone owner to calculate a precise 3D model of it. Phone and computer users today are subject to a big party of data extraction that is only visible to machines and software.

premiered at SMAC Berlin, Jan 2019


  • True Depth, SMAC, Berlin, 2019

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Kaspser König visiting the preview of “True Depth”