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Born: 1972, Bremen, Germany
Education: UdK - University of the Arts Berlin, 2002

Aram Bartholl's work creates an interplay between internet, culture and reality. How do our taken-for-granted communication channels influence us? Bartholl asks not just what humans are doing with media, but what media is doing with humans. Tensions between public and private, online and offline, techno-lust and everyday life are at the core of his work and his public interventions and installations, often entailing surprisingly physical manifestations of the digital world, challenge our concepts of reality and incorporeality. Bartholl has exhibited at MoMA Museum of Modern Art NY, Skulptur Projekte Münster and London's Hayward Gallery as well as conducting countless workshops, talks and performances internationally. Bartholl lives and works in Berlin.


Gastprofessur: Klasse Neue Medien, Kunsthochschule Kassel, 2015-2018

Visiting Professor Design & Media Art, UCLA Los Angeles, Winter/Spring quarter 2016

Vertretungsprofessur: New Media, Merz Akademie Sommersemester 2014

Solo shows

2016 Arnsberger Kunstverein, Arnsberg, Remind me later
2015 Babycastles, New York City, Point Of View
2014 DAM Gallery Berlin, Hurt me plenty
2013 Kasseler Kunstverein, Germany, Hello world!
2013 xpo gallery, Paris, ★RETWEET★IF★YOU★WANT★MORE★FOLLOWERS★
2013 Aksioma, Ljubljana, Go!Go!Go!
2012 DAM Berlin, Germany, Reply All
2009 5 Minute Museum, STRP, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Random Screen
2006 Project space "Ceci n'est pas un restaurant", Berlin, Germany, Gamestar

Group shows (selection)

2017 Skulptur Projekte Münster, LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, Münster

BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Lisboa & Porto, Portugal

Nothing to hide? Real Art Ways, Hartford, USA

Real Time Systems International Topsellers, Los Angeles

2016 The White Room, Tacical Tech, New York

Alle Achtung! ACC Galerie, Weimar

Invisible Threads: Technology and its Discontents NYUAD Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi

CAMÉRA(AUTO)CONTRÔLE, TRIENNIAL 50JPG, Centre de la photographie, Geneve

Regeneration Movement, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipeih

FROM BITS TO PAPER* du pixel au papier, Le Shadok,, Strasbourg

Shifting Optics Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam

2015 Art In The Age Of Planetary Computation, Witte de With, Rotterdam

PBKAC - IMHO ,Haus der Elektronischen Künste, LISTE art fair, Basel

Offline Art: Are you still there? Museum Angewandte Kunst; Frankfurt

NEULAND Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Germany

2014 End User Hayward Gallery Project Space, London

The Darknet Kunsthalle St.Gallen, Switzerland

Cuban Contemporary Art Salon Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Cuba

SNEL HEST Alingsås Kosthall, Denmark

Archipel in√est, Urbane Künste Ruhr, Recklinghausen Painters and Poets, Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Solvenia

Hyperresemblances: REALITY FX, The Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, NYC

FULL SCREEN, xpo gallery, Paris

MOTI HOTEL MOTI Museum of the Image, Breda, Netherlands

UNPAINTED Media art fair at Postpalast , Munich

2013 30C3: 30th Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg

The Influencers Festival Barcelona, Spain

YIA ART FAIR with xpo gallery, Paris, France

Todaysart, festival, The Hague, Netherlands

FACELESS, quartier 21 Museums Quartier, Vienna

In Medias Res, Galerie Verney-Carron, Lyon, France

Public Abstraction Private Construction VI VII, Kunstverein Arnsberg, Germany

DAM Gallery, Berlin, Summer Splash 2

Motorenhalle Dresden, Germany, Fußnoten zum Aufbruch

Carroll / Fletcher, London Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship

Eyebeam, New York, FAT GOLD

Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona, Spain, From here on


[DAM] Berlin, Germany, Meine Wunderkammer

centralTrak, UT Dallas, US, Co- Re-Creating Spaces

Backjumps, Berlin, Germany, Rock the Block

Mueum of Moving Image, New York, DVD dead drop

Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Megacool 4.0

UMOCA Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, USA, Cantastoria

Luis Adelantado Mexico, Mexico City, Invisible Maps

Family Business, New York, NYC, It's a small small world

Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, Playtimes

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel, Curious Minds

International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, Signals: For Real

Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, USA,

Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Dada New York II

HKW, Berlin, Germany, Tracing Mobility

Video_Dumbo, New York, USA, Quasi Cinema

[DAM] Berlin, Germany, Experience Space

The Pace Gallery, New York, NY, Social Media

[DAM] Cologne, Cologne, Germany, Ready for upgrade

MoMA Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, Talk to me

Les Rencontres d'Arles 2011, Arles, France, From here on

Portsmouth Museum of Art, Portsmouth, USA, The Uncommon Portrait

Devotion Gallery, New York, USA, Alternative Controllers

Jeu de Paume, Virtual Space, Paris, France, Identités précaires

Kumu, Tallinn, Estonia, Gateways

2010 Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort, Netherlands, ShadowDance

Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, Locate Me

Desingel, Antwerpen, Belgium, Gamezone

Public Art Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, GOOD TIME

Art Space Riga, Riga, Latvia, Sterne Sehen

NIMK Netherlands Media Arts Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Space Invaders

ISEA, Dortmund, Germany, ISEA2010 Exhibition

2009 FACT, Liverpool, Great Britain, Space Invaders

Microwave, Hong Kong, Nature Transformer

Gallery Ofroom, Vienna, Austria, BLK River Festival

Brigham Young MoA, Utah, USA, Mirror Mirror: Contemporary Portraits and the Fugitive Self

Gallery Space CAN, Seoul, Korea, Lack of electricity

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA, USA, WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon

Biennial International Festival Of Visual And Performing Arts, Barcelona, Spain, InnMotion

Bremer Kunstfrühling, Bremen, Germany, Springt!

MUZ, Szczecin, Poland, Inspiracje art festival

Planetart, Amsterdam, Netherlands, DADAMACHINIMA


Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art,Bremen, Germany, Video Award Bremen,

eARTS, Shanghai, China , Urban Space, Time to Play

Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia, Avatar

Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea, Hack the City

Koldo Mitxelenam, San Sebastian, Spain, Try again

NIMK Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Public Privacy

Futuresonic, Manchester, Great Britain, Offline Social Networks

Casa del Encendida, Madrid, Spain, Try again

Richman Gallery, Baltimore, USA, Cardinal Points

Club Transmediale, Berlin, Germany, Being Bold


Skulpturenpark, Berlin, Germany, Sandbox Berlin

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Goodbye Privacy

Newcastle’s Discovery Museum, Newcastle, Great Britain, Our Cyborg Future?

Laboral, Gijon, Spain, Gameworlds

Eyebeam, New York City, USA, Open City

Vooruit, Gent, Belgium, Time’s up

Transmediale, Berlin, Germany, Unfinish!

TENT, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Borderline Behaviour


HAU2, Berlin, Germany, First Play Berlin

Plattform Bohnenstrasse, Public Space Exhibition, Bremen, Germany,

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Simplicity

Viper, Basel, Switzerland

ENEMY Gallery, Chicago, USA, 3rd (A) r4WB1t5 micro.fest


22C3 Chaos Communication Congress Berlin, Germany


21C3 Chaos Communication Congress ,Berlin, Germany

Public Collections

City of Paris - Le Fonds municipal d'art contemporain de la Ville de Paris

Sammlung Schroth



Honorable mention, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria


17th Video Art Award, Bremen, Germany

Honorable mention, Transmediale Award, Berlin Germany


Browserday competition, Berlin, Germany

Grants / Commissions





Commission, Museum of Moving Image, New York

Grant, Harpo Foundation, Los Angeles, USA,

Commission, Rhizome, New York, USA

Grant, Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department

2010 Artist in residence, Eyebeam, New York, USA
2009 Artist in residence, V2 Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam


Working grant, Stiftung KUNSTFONDS

Grant, IFA Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V.


Project grant, Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department


2013 xpo gallery, Paris, new2

2012 Speedshow, Berlin, Germany, GML

DVD DeadDrop vol.2 , MMI New York

DVD DeadDrop vol.1 , MMI New York


Speedshow, New York, USA, Evan Roth

Speedshow, Berlin, Germany, Constant Dullaart

Speedshow, Stuttgart, Germany, Fun is back

Speedshow, Paris, France, Open Internet


Speedshow, New York, USA, Super Niche

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, TeleInternet

Speedshow, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Peace

Speedshow, Vienna, Austria, who the fuck do you think you are talking to?

Speedshow, Berlin, Germany, TELE-INTERNET


Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Second City

Talks (selected)


Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart, Germany, Digitale Kultur: GameTalks

Graphic Design Festival Breda, Netherlands

Next Berlin, Germany, Conference for digital industries

Rhizome at the New Museum, New York, Seven on Seven

FITC Conference Amsterdam Netherlands

Trampoline at HKW, Berlin, Germany, Tracing Mobility


Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum, panel, DC, USA, , Lunch Bytes (3) - Digital Material

DAZ, lecture series, Berlin, Germany, Macht im Öffentlichen Raum

Open World Forum, conference, Paris, France, Art & Open Source.

The Pace Gallery, panel discussion, New York City, US, Social Media

Broadway, panel, Nottingham, Great Britain, Making Future Collaboration

SFAI, panel, San Francisco, USA, Transit///Stasis

ShareConference, talk, Belgrade, Serbia, Offline Networks

2010 ISEA 2010, artist presentation, Dortmund U, ISEA Conference

Kunstraum Kreuzberg, artist talk, Berlin, Germany, Locate Me

GDFB, Graphic Design Festival Breda, artist talk, Netherlands, Are you human?

HAU2, think tank, Berlin, Germany, Jean Luc und die Singularität vorm falschen Fenster

2009 Graphic Design Museum, symposium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, me you and everyone we know is a curator

BTK ,Berlin Germany, Drop Shadow Talks

Atoms & Bits, conference, Berlin, Germany, F.A.T. Lab

ICST, conference, keynote ,Berlin, Germany, FaVE

Laguna Art Museum, artist talk, Laguna Beach, USA, WoW: Emergent media phenomenon

V2_ Institut for unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology

2008 Cynetart, MB21, panel, Dresden, Germany, Between the Private and the Public

ISEA, conference, Singapore, Artist Talk

Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Halle, Germany, Artist Talk

Inspired F.A.Q. conference, Lisbon, Portugale, Artist Talk

GeneratorX, CTM, Berlin, Germany, Artist Talk

2007 Telefonica, confrence, Madrid, Spain, Ambassador for Innovation

Ars Electronica, panel, Linz, Austria, Second Life

Designforum, Freiburg, Germany, Artist Talk

reboot 9.0, conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, Artist Talk

Designmai, panel, Berlin, Germany, Second Life

re:publica, conference, Berlin, Germany,Offline symbols in the offline world

Transmediale, Berlin, Germany, Second Life panel


Mediacity, conference Bauhaus Universität Weimar,
Germany, Digital Layers in Urban Space


Transmediale, Open.Plan, Berlin, Gerlmany, Daten am Ort


TU Cottbus, talk, Cottbus, Germany, Vortragsreihe, Crossover Architektur

V2_ Institut for Unstable Media, panel, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Infotopia the infogolem

Workshops (selected)

2012 Baltanlabs & MU, Einhoven, Netherlands, The Future of offline filesharing

University of Cologne, Symposion, What's next?


Broadway, Nottingham, Great Britain, Future Work

Kumu, Tallinn, Estonia, Gateways

Merzakademie, Stuttgart, Germany, Wahlwoche

Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg, Germany, Phaenomenale

Willem de Kooning Akademie, Rotterdam, Netherlands, CrossLab


KHM Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany, Point & Click

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, TeleInternet


AHO - School for Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway

Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA, USA, WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon

Merzakademie, Stuttgart, Germany, Wahlwoche

University Gallery, Essex, Great Britain, Socially Active


eARTS, Shanghai, China , Urban Space, Time to Play

Futuresonic, Manchester, Great Britain, Offline Social Networks

Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea, Hack the City

Creative Gaming Initiative, Potsdam, Germany, play08


Lab30, Augsburg, Germany, Analog

Skulpturenpark, Berlin, Germany, Sandbox Berlin

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Goodbye Privacy

Eyebeam, New York City, USA, Open City

Vooruit, Gent, Belgium, Time’s up


Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Simplicity

Project space “Ceci n'est pas un restaurant”, Berlin, Germany, Adaptations

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