Art In The Age Of…
Planetary Computation
Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam, Netherlands
22 May – 16 August 2015
Opening: 21 May 2015, 5pm
With: Aram Bartholl, Rossella Biscotti, Nina Canell, John Gerrard,
Femke Herregraven, Antonia Hirsch, David Jablonowski,
Navine G. Khan-Dossos, John Menick, Owen Mundy, Trevor Paglen,
Lucy Raven, Stephan Tillmans, Julia Weist
How would you draw a picture of the Internet; through the machines
and ‘their’ language that broadcast and store ‘our’ messages, or
through the affect and power relations that those messages and
their movement produce?
Art In The Age Of … Planetary Computation investigates
how quantification, telecommunications, and our ever-expanding
information apparati not only inform contemporary artistic
production, but also how contemporary art can hold a mirror up
to these processes and formations. The participating artists explore
the fissure between literal infrastructure—code, machines, wires,
and other like-vocabularies—and the subjective socio-political
interactions fostered by using these devices. Guided not only by
that which can be seen on the computer screen, and the various
other black mirrors we stare into day in and day out, this exhibition
also looks to what happens behind these screens. Moving from
objects to subjects, we ask, how do these positions impact daily life,
or said in another way: what does it mean to be ‘screened’?
Art In The Age Of … Planetary Computation is the second iteration
of Art In The Age Of …, a three-part presentation series running
throughout 2015, that investigates future vectors of art production in
the 21st century.